Extravaganti is a Social Co-operatives formed by the union of environmental and Equestrian guides who for years  they have worked in the field of nature tourism, active holidays and Environmental Education.
We run mountain huts, stop spots, and camping sites in the nature reserve “Alpe della Luna”: a small contribution to keeping the mountains alive and love them.

The Spinella Refuge

The Spinella Refuge - EXTRAVAGANTI

The Spinella mountain hut  is located inside the Natural Reserve of the Alpe della Luna.
An excellent solution for organized groups, scouts, hikers, school, events and anyone who wants a unique contact with nature.
Recently redecorated, it's equipped with heat and it 's suitable for all winter activities.
Surrounded by spacious lawns, used to play with the kids, or for relaxation the Spinella is built on a natural balcony and looks down the Tiber valley

Nature Reserve Alpe della Luna

Nature Reserve Alpe della Luna - EXTRAVAGANTI

The Nature Reserve Alpe della Luna, a few kilometers from Sansepolcro, is a pristine place, covered in beautiful forests.Turkey oak mixed with maples, ash trees, linden tree and hornbeam that slowly it let beech trees  have its place, which dominates the reliefs. The grassland areas host  monumental trees of considerable size. The reserve owes its name to a particular geological formation shaped like a sickle or "half moon", the Ripa of Moon.


Extravaganti wants to communicate to the Reserve visitors the richness of the natural environment, the importance of a biodiverse world, the beauty of ancient everyday actions of people who inhabited the mountains, and the joy that the correct relationship with nature can give. That 's why we offer different activities and workshops for learn doing



Scout Camp Areas

Scout Camp Areas - EXTRAVAGANTI

The great outdoors, always  used as pastures ,during the summer can be used for temporary camping for scout groups.  All our land is flat, with  catchment and allowed fires

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